Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Good morning. I wanted to wish all you moms a special day today. Both my moms are gone now, but I still miss them. My mom was one of my friends, and my MIL was a sweetheart, too. When my mom was still here, we'd all get together at my oldest sister's and celebrate. We actually kept getting together on Mom's day for several years, even after she was no longer with us. But my other sister moved to SC a few years ago to be close to her daughter and her family, and it's just too hard for everyone to make it, so this year we're celebrating alone with our own families. But that's OK.

It's my anniversary today -- 29 years -- doesn't seem that long. DH is at church right now. I have a terrible head cold, so while he was gone I whipped up a card for him - don't know why I left it 'til the very last minute. And since I was rushing to get it finished before he came home, I forgot to take a picture before I sealed it in the envelope. I guess I'll have to get one later.

Have a wonderful day and be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Have a great day, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Cindy Van Sluys said...

Happy memories of Mom and happy anniversary with your sweetie!! Hope you are feeling better now!!