Tuesday, February 23, 2010


to being finished... but still a long ways to go. I haven't posted anything lately because I've pretty much just been working on my quilt. I usually work on it a little (or a lot) each day. Once I finished all the applique, I sewed the blocks together in strips, layered and basted them. I've been hand quilting around all the flowers. I finally finished that part.

So yesterday, I sewed all the strips together, but the backing has to be sewn by hand at this point. I needed my mini iron to press the seams, but couldn't find it. I looked for awhile last night, but no luck. So this morning I started searching again. I knew where I thought it had been the last time I'd used it (like 5 years ago), but just wasn't seeing it. So I spent about an hour cleaning (a needed activity) in my craft room, praying that I would find it, but... no iron. So I went back to where I thought it should be. And what do you know? There, underneath a box, I could see it. So I pulled it out and was good to go. And I don't really feel bad that it took so long to find it, because I did accomplish some much needed cleaning in my craft room.

Anyway, I was able to press, trim, pin and stitch three of the seven seams today. Here are a couple of pictures - just a small portion of the quilt and a closeup of one block. I still have a lot of quilting to do in the background area around each flower, so I'm a long was from being finished, but I do see some progress.

You should be able to click on the pictures to view them larger.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.


Starla said...

WOW!! It seems to my untrained eye that you are making HUGE gains on this project!

WandaG_CT said...

What a great quilt!