Sunday, May 16, 2010

and then there were 3

Hey, bloggers. I'm still waiting for a correct guess on my age. You've all been very kind. Here's another clue: I'm well rounded. You can put your guess on any post starting with this one and following. I'll be generous and allow another guess even though you may have already guessed. I have some crochet flowers and edgings for the winner.

My man and I went out to eat last night with some good friends at my favorite Indian restaurant (the Taj Mahal in Hales Corners, WI) -- just extending the celebration. I had mullgatawny soup and coconut chicken as well as several types of naan. We always order 3 different ones and share. Good eating. Of course, I can never eat it all, so I'll have it for lunch one day this week.

I'm having so much fun with the hexagons. This morning I sewed another block together. I have another one glued and ready to stitch and a couple more rings done, but those need to be pressed and have the papers removed.

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by.

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