Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello again, my friends.  I just had to stop in with a quick post.  I'm home alone this evening, since the rest of the family plays wallyball on Fridays after work.  I was hungry for a little snack and remembered that I had a can of beets in the cupboard.  Now, so you understand this, I'm the ONLY one in my family who enjoys beets.  My husband hates them, and apparently, the kids got his taste buds and not mine. 

So anyway, I pull out this can of beets.

And here's what I found written on the top.  I thought it was pretty funny and got a good laugh.

 But they were so yummy.  Thanks for stopping by.


Carol said...

Ha ha, reminds me of my reaction to a t-shirt I saw in Key West. Liver is Evil It must be punished
*I* said, "Heck yeah, it is, gross! That's so funny!"
My husband said, "Um honey, that's a shirt about drinking."


Starla said...


Jani Lewis said...

Too funny!