Friday, April 26, 2013

house #1

Hello friends.  The challenge at Motley Soul Mixed Media Art for the month of April is houses, sized at 4"x6".  This month has not been a very creative one for me, so this is my first house, and the month is nearly over.  I think my mindset has been in that mode where everything I make needs to be a masterpiece (even though I know that's not true), and therefore, my mojo simply stalls, and I can't create anything - very frustrating.  So I'm happy that I was finally able to get my first house made.  About half way through, I pulled some words (spring, red, & song) from my inspiration jar to help me move forward. 

I started with my usual - recycling some chipboard from boxes.  I glued two layers together and covered one side with an old book page.  After painting over it, but letting some of the text show through, I added some Tim Holtz tissue tape around the edges. 

This past week I worked on three handmade stencils - (my finger is still sore from pressing on the craft knife).  First I drew what I wanted on paper, then traced it onto some plastic.  I'm using some sort of film sheets that were a headed-for-the-trash rescue.  I used one of the stencils on my house - the big flower in the background.  It's really made for a larger project, but I think it's a fun addition to the house.  After I put it on, I decided I needed some features, so a lot of got covered up, but that's OK. 

First I used a Tim Holtz brick stamp along the bottom and one side.  

I cut a door and window from patterned paper and added some details.  The flower pot is also patterned paper with a bunch of punched flowers.  

The roof is also a rescue.  Some months ago, we bought a new sofa.  Parts of it were wrapped in one-sided corrugated cardboard and plastic.  Of course I had to save some of the cardboard that was in good condition.  I've learned to ignore the sighs and eye rolls from family members. LOL 

I cut off the roof angles and then highlighted the ridges with vintage photo distress ink. 

I hope you like my house.  Thank you so much for stopping by. 

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Dawn Barrett said...

You are fearless! I love how the flowers are mimicked with the large one in the background, Oh, I'm so fearful myself! You're awesome!