Tuesday, July 19, 2016

just saying hello

Hi friends.  Today I made a card for last week's alphabet challenge post #2183 on splitcoast.  It was week 26, which meant the letter Z.  A 2nd part of the challenge was to add up the numbers in your zip code & also use the letter that number represented.  Mine added up to 25 (Y). 

I thought I had finished my card, took photos, & started to write this post, when I realized that I had forgotten to do part 2 of the challenge.  Oops!  So back to add some yellow for Y, retake all the photos, crop, etc.... and here I am. 

I made a waterfall card.  It's a fun interactive card that looks really complicated, but actually is not hard at all, if you have some good directions to follow.  Splitcoast has a great tutorial, and there are also others online, including videos.  I used a bit of both, but then made some slight alterations in the measurements to fit the stamp image.  I also made my waterfall mechanism horizontal instead of vertical.  I also added the round tab punch to act as a pull tab. 

Here is the card before you pull the tab to activate the waterfall.  I made some stripes with black and white cardstock.

And as you pull the tab, each image becomes visible. 

The next one is zebra striped paper.

And with the tab fully extended.  

Here is a closeup of the zebra image. 

If you've never made a waterfall card, I recommend that you try it.  It's really a fun card. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  Have a great day. 


Barbie F. said...

What an amazing and beautiful card!

Karen Conner said...

Hi friend! Just had to pop in and tell you how adorable your card is!! Great job!