Saturday, May 6, 2017

prism pop up tent card tutorial

Hi friends.  Would you believe I have another tutorial for you?  I saw this fun pop up card in an ad, and I just knew that I had to figure it out and make one, or two, or...  well, you know how that goes.  

There are a lot of photos, because I think it helps to explain things, and I don't have a clue how to make a video.  So, here we go.  

As I figured out the mechanism to make the card work, I also wanted to make sure that it would mail as an A2 card, so that is the basis for all the measurements.  

You will need: 
card stock for the prism part of the card: "x 8½" (1) - groovy guava used here
card stock for pull tab A: 5¼"x2-5/8" (1) - groovy guava used here
card stock for pull tab B: 5¾"x2-5/8" (1) - groovy guava used here
pattern paper for layers on pull tabs: 5"x2-3/8" (2) - dictionary pages used here
stamped card stock for layers on prism: 4"x2¼" (2) - dictionary pages used here
Fiskars cutting tool (or craft knife & mat)
corner rounder 

I made this one earlier in the week, posted it on Splitcoaststampers, and got a number of requests for instructions.  Hence, the tutorial. 
Place the prism piece on your ScorPal with the long side on top and score at 2-1/2", 5", and 7-1/2".  Mountain fold all scores and round the corners.  Although they will not show on the finished card, rounding the corners helps the mechanism work smoothly.  I used a 1/2" corner chomper.  I'm using white card stock for many of the photos, since it easier to see the folds.  I marked them with green. 

Place pull tab B on your ScorPal with the long side on top and score at 1/2". 

On the prism piece, at 1-1/4", 2-1/2", and 7-1/2", cut a slot from 3/4" to 3-1/2" (marked in black).  

Lay the prism piece so the smallest panel is on the right and the folds are valley (this is the inside of the prism).  Adhere the left end of pull tab A to the small panel of the prism, centering the edge along the slot.  For the mechanism to work properly, be sure everything is straight. 

Before attaching pull tab B, it helps if you fold over pull tab A and mark the edges where pull tab B will be placed.  (next 2 photos - note the green horizontal marks) 

With the 1/2" panel of pull tab B to the right, align the fold with the slotted fold on the left of the prism, again centering along the slot (if you marked as above, you will be placing the 1/2" panel between the marks).  Adhere the 1/2" panel to the right of the slot.  

This is what is should look like now.  

And standing up.  

Now is the time to add your layers to the pull tabs.  They will go on the sides that face the center.  Once the mechanism is in place, these will face the front of the card.  I stamped on a dictionary page, using branches and leaf lines (SU sets). 

Tuck pull tab B (left one) through the slot under pull tab A.  

Tuck pull tab A from the outside through the slot on the opposite end and back out the next slot.  

Turn the card over to the front.  You can now see the ends of the pull tabs.  Make sure any directional design is in the correct position when placing the front layers on the card. 

Add your stamped card stock layers to the front of the prism.  I stamped a Hero Arts image on a dictionary page and painted the image with Koi watercolor paints and a water brush.  

Pull both tabs to open the card and stand up the prism.  

This card will stand on its own.  

This is how it looks from the top and the back.  

After I got this far, I decided I wanted to sponge the edges with vintage photo distress ink, so I opened the card back up in order to do the edges of the pull tabs.  Here is my finished card. 

To close the card, you simply push the pull tabs back towards the center and the card will flatten to fit in an envelope.  

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and will try making this very fun, interactive card.  If you have any questions or confusion with the instructions, please feel free to email me. 

Thanks so much for taking time to visit today. 


Jennifer said...

This is so cool Melody! I looked at the pictures on SCS and couldn't wrap my head around how it worked.. but I think I've got it now. :) This card is beautiful. I love how you kept adding little elements until you were finally happy with it. Wonderful work!

Dr Sonja said...

Fabulous tutorial-this would be perfect for the fancy folds category of the new swap: I do hope you will join us!