Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bulls eye

Hey bloggers. I made a bulls eye! But it's not what you're thinking. It's a quilt and that's the name of the pattern. I think I'd have given it a different name - maybe broken dishes.

The blocks are made by sewing an 8" circle onto an 11" square of fabric, then trimming out the back fabric behind the circle. You repeat this with 6" and 4" circles. I just eyeball as I'm putting the circles on, so they are not perfectly centered. I like that some are a bit off, because it adds more interest to the quilt. At this point, the block resembles a bulls eye. Then you cut the square into quarters, mix them all up and sew them back together so that the circles are all different colors and fabrics. When I was cutting the squares, I came across one that I had cut wrong (11" x 10-3/4"), so I had to make another one. Since the seams are only 1/4", there is no room for error.

I really love this kind of quilt because it's so easy and colorful. This is at least the third one I've done like this. Of course, you could use fewer colors in the circles or make the blocks all similar and you would end up with a completely different look. I like the fact that you can put together the blocks without a lot of planning and it's a fabulous way to use up small bits of fabric. No matchy, matchy stuff going on. I finished making the blocks yesterday and today I sewed them all together. So this is the completed top.

Here are some pictures of the quilt top, which include a large portion of the quilt and some close-ups, so you can see what the individual blocks look like.

I still need to layer this with batting and backing fabric. Then, rather than hand quilting, I'm going to tie this one with yarn. I'm making it for some long-time friends of ours. Thanks so much for stopping by. Enjoy!


Starla said...

It just amazes me that all those different colors and patterns can look so good put together like this!

Dawn Mercedes said...

hey! this is the quilt I wanted to make. Only the one I saw just had one circle layer, not several...ooh...now I really have to get on the ball. HOw on earth did you figure out what fabrics to use? B/c I think that is the part that scares me. Plus...if you don't have the fabric, you can't start! haha

Carla aka scrappypug said...

what a gorgeous quilt!

christine m. said...

Your scrapiness is happiness! How inspiring too!