Tuesday, May 25, 2010

more hexagons

My, but it was hot today - yesterday, too. After running the air conditioning all day yesterday, by the end of the day, we realized that it wasn't working properly. The air coming out of the vents wasn't all that cold and it certainly wasn't cooling off the house. So today, I opened doors & windows. There was a little bit of a breeze, but 90 is still hot. And upstairs, of course, was worse, so I spent most of the day sitting in front of a fan downstairs working on my hexagons. How wonderful the way God provides. A card came in the mail today with a special on AC tuneups. This is a from company we've worked with before, so we'll be taking advantage of their special pricing.

I put dinner in the slow cooker this morning (made some yummy Swiss steak) and then finished appliqueing 4 more hexagon blocks. I just didn't have enough energy to do anything more strenuous. Of course, when the rest of the family came home after their volleyball league, my daughter convinced me that we should go out for a walk. Since we were already sweaty, it seemed like a good idea.

I took the pictures and transferred them onto my computer, but didn't have time to do a blog post before dinner. The first picture is the 3 blocks that were previous done, plus the 4 that I finished today.

The second picture is a stack of about 20 more blocks that are glue-basted ready to applique. I know that you can't see them all, since they are stacked on top of each other.

After dinner, I finished the block that is on the right in that picture. So I actually finished 5 blocks today.

I have been trying to work on these about an hour each day. Some days get more, some less, but I'm having fun with them.

I have a lot more of the hexagons ready to sew into the little flowers, but I think I need 90 blocks, so I still need to cut more of the hexagons.

Today I noticed that Sizzix is coming out with 4 hexagon dies. I don't think they are available yet, but I'm sure they'll be a big help for making this type of quilt. I don't know if any of the sizes would work for this one I'm doing now, because I made up my own pattern, but it sure would be great if I didn't have to cut them all by hand.

Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed.

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Starla said...

Looking good, Melody!