Monday, January 14, 2013

21 cards - #10

Hello my friends.  Happy Monday.  I have another card done for the monthly challenge at Motley Soul Mixed-Media Art.  Please refer to this post to see how I made the base for my cards.

Again, I reached into my inspiration jar for some ideas. My words this time were die cut, eyes, and triangles. 

I used a very old Cuttlebug die called harlequin and cut several diamonds from pattern paper.  Then I cut them in half to make triangles.  Because I wanted them just a bit smaller, I trimmed off about 1/4". 

To make my background blend better with the paper, I used a mix of white and orange acrylic paint to make a very pale orange.  Then I lined up the triangles along the edge, overlapping them slightly. 

I cut some eyes from a magazine and glued them on with gel medium. 

I hand wrote the sentiment.  To fill in some of the open space, I punched little flowers from the scraps left over from die cutting and added them.  To make them stand out, I added some doodling with a black marker. 

Of all the cards I've made so far for this challenge, this is my least favorite.  I think that's because there is no real focal point.... no place for your eyes to rest.  They just jump all over the place.  For now, I'll consider that a learning experience, but I may come back later and redo this one.   

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you have a fabulous week. 

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Starla said...

I'm liking your inspiration jar more and more!

It's too early in the morning for me to really "focus", So, I'll come back later with a more critical eye and give this another look!