Thursday, February 28, 2013

20 hearts - #20

Hi friends.  This is my last heart for the February challenge at Motley Soul Mixed-Media Art.  You will find all the details on how it was made on the OWSE blog as my Friday Feature, once the post goes live at midnight Eastern time.  (I'll edit that to a direct link once the post is up.)

Every now and then, I get the urge to jump outside my box and do something different.  The style of this one is not at all my norm, and I worked a long time on it, but I had a lot of fun making it and I like the end result. 

I think steampunk is fascinating, but I'm never really sure what to do with it.  What features designate that a piece is steampunk?  I'm not sure, so I just guess.  Hopefully, I've succeeded. 

There are many different elements on this.  The background is duct tape run through a couple different embossing folders.  The large heart has gears embedded underneath foil tape.  And the clock is made from cereal box chipboard.  The coloring technique is exactly the same on all three surfaces, but the results are unique on each. 

So what do a shiny red heart and dangling beads have to do with steampunk?  Well... nothing, really..., but the piece needed an accent, and I thought 'steamy' hot was appropriate.  And since I'm the artist, I can do that, right?

Thanks so much for stopping in today. 

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Merrylioness said...

Love your steampunk card. Thank you for sharing.