Thursday, February 14, 2013

20 hearts - #7 & #8

Hello my friends.  DH and I had our taxes done today.  It's so nice to have that finished.  Then we had a nice lunch together.  I had a Cubana sandwich, which was very good.  Of course, since I only ate half of it, I get to have it again. 

I think if I'm going to get all 20 hearts finished for the February monthly challenge at Motley Soul Mixed-Media Art, I need to get busy.  I need to complete one every day. 

So very late tonight, I was putting things away and getting ready for tomorrow's class, when I came across a piece of cereal box with some fabric glued on.  I knew right away it was perfect for a heart for one of these cards.  Of course, I needed to pull a few things back out and work on it.  And then... what really happened... I cut out a heart, set it down and started working on a background.  I painted the card with buttermilk acrylic paint and then added several colors of paint through a brick stencil.  I loved it, but not for the fabric heart. 

I stamped another heart on tissue paper, ran a wet paint brush around it, and tore away the extra tissue.  Then I used a matte gel medium to glue it on my card.  This was a tip I learned on Creative Jump Start.  It gives a good stamped image even when your background has a rough texture, and the edges of the tissue blend right into the background so you can't see them.  I added a little color with colored pencils. 

Then I wrote the sentiment with a black Pitt pen. 

The fabric heart was still waiting.

I started by painting the background celery green.  Then I stenciled some butterflies (Red Lead stencil) with ivory paint.  And then I randomly added a few more colors with either a brush or sponge.

There was a small strip of canvas on my table left over from another project, so I cut a piece to fit my card, frayed the edges and wrote the sentiment on it.  I used Fabri-tac to adhere the canvas to the card.

Then I glued the heart down and another card was finished.  

Thanks so much for stopping by. 


Starla said...

I LOVE the brick bg with the heart!! It's like a graffi wall! I agree with you, the fabric heart would not have worked on that bg!

Thanks for the tip on stamping on tissue paper and adhering for rough backgrounds. Will definitely keep that one for future use!

KC Inspired said...

I'm loving your cards today! Great job!