Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Hi friends.  I looked out the window yesterday and noticed that one of my lilacs is blooming.  Since yesterday was a rainy, gloomy day, I waited until today to get a picture. 
I have a long row of lilacs, several different varieties.  I love when they are all in bloom and smell so wonderful.  All but this one.  This is a late blooming lilac that usually blooms a few weeks after all the others are done in the spring.  It's never had a lot of blooms, and I only saw two other tiny ones besides this one.  But seriously?  August?  I guess late doesn't have a time table.  

Thanks for stopping by.


Jan Leslie said...

Oh Melody! This is gorgeous! I also love lilacs - my favorite fragrance. I have no green thumb so have to settle for lotions that have it in. This is beautiful!
Love Jan

Starla said...

I love lilacs! They remind me of my grandma as she had bushes by her front and back door. Their scent greeted you coming and going!!