Friday, March 27, 2015

fishing and carrots

Hi friends.  I went fishing this week.  The last time I fished was when I was a little girl -- with my dad, standing on a dock, fishing with cane poles.  We caught pan fish, I think mostly bluegills.  I'm not a big fan of fish... so what was I doing fishing?  Mark (DH) & some good friends, Craig & Nancy, were going out to lunch at the Rushing Waters restaurant in Palmyra.  I wasn't going to go, because they serve mostly fish, but at the last minute I decided to go along.  The restaurant has trout ponds, so you can catch your own rainbow trout & they prepare it how you want.  I wasn't planning on fishing, since I wasn't going to eat any fish.  The lady at the desk gave us an extra fishing rod, just in case...  It was cold - maybe around 40 -- and WINDY!  Very windy!  I was kinda in charge of putting the worms on the hooks, since Nancy wasn't about to touch them.  No one was catching anything, so I decided to go ahead and use the extra pole.  The first bite stole my worm.  Then later, I caught a nice one, but when I gave the pole a bit of a jerk to make sure he wasn't going to get away, my line broke!  I walked back up to the restaurant to get a new pole & she gave me 2.  By the time I got back down to the water, Mark had caught one.  Then I caught a nice one and Mark caught another.  Craig was helping Nancy, because she was having trouble casting & he caught one.  We decided that was enough, and since we were all freezing, we went back in to have lunch.  I ordered a salad and some delicious lamb chili, and everyone else ate fresh trout.  We should have taken some pictures, but I think everyone was so cold, we didn't even think to do that.  But it was fun. 

Now something else I've been working on this week are some carrots for Easter.  I saw these fun paper carrots here

I have the die, so I thought I would give it a try.  I used some thin orange card stock.  The die cuts 3 pieces, & I need at least 10 carrots, so that meant running lot of card stock through my cuttlebug.  I decided the easiest way to score them all was to make a template from card stock, which worked quite well, except it was getting ragged along the edge, so I made another one from cereal box chipboard.  After scoring them all & punching holes for the string, I took them to my sewing machine and sewed assembly line style.  I would much rather be sewing on fabric.  Paper tends to slide around, so it's hard to keep a straight line. 

I have some green hemp twine to use for tying the tops closed. 

I also wanted to add a little tag.  I have this cute little bunny stamp (PSX), which I stamped a bunch & then punched out tags.  Then I practiced my watercoloring. 
I found that if I scribble my watercolor pencils on some paper and then pick up the color with my brush, I get more of a painted look without the pencil lines.  I practiced a lot. 

And this is what the finished carrot looks like. 

Isn't that little bunny cute?  Then I had to go to the store to get candy to put inside. 

And for those who are wondering, I've made some progress on my crochet flower. 

But I still have a little ways to go.  It's not turning out quite as I would have liked, but I think it will be OK. 

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. 

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Linda (Lindyloo) said...

These are adorable and such a great alternative idea for Easter. X