Saturday, September 24, 2016

choo choo

Hi friends.  I've been having fun with waterfall cards lately.  Originally, I think these were meant to be vertical, so they actually represented a waterfall, but I've seen also some horizontal ones.  I've been using the horizontal layout.  Sometimes, I think either would work, but occasionally, the horizontal style is necessary.  They appear to be a complicated card, but really are rather simple.  I've also done some experimenting with the size of the actually moving parts. Here are some I've recently made. 

I made this floral one for a technique challenge on SCS.  Then I used it as one of the techniques in my class this month.  I realized that as long as the moving parts fit underneath the brace strip, I could pretty much do anything on this.  The butterfly extends beyond the pull strip, but is on on stationary part of the strip. 

This one was a card request by my DH for a friend he plays volleyball with.  These are the colors on their shirts. 

And this one was made for a little 4 year old boy who loves trains.  He just had some surgery and I hope this will cheer him up.  I really stretched the parameters on this one.  I made the pull strip 1/2" wider than normal, and all of the train cars extend above or below the strip, but I made sure they would still fit under the brace.  Because this card will most likely be played with a bit, I doubled the eyelets on the brace for more stability.  The engine.

The coal car. 

The box car. 

And the caboose. 

Thank you so much for stopping in for a visit today. 

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Terry said...

The train waterfall card is SUCH a cute one...great idea!