Saturday, November 17, 2018

butterflies continued...

Well, hello!  I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a whole year - since January.  Shame on me!

If you remember, back in 2016, I wrote a post about a butterfly quilt that I was making using hand applique.

Well, a few months ago, I finally had all the blocks finished and ready to put together.  Once a month I get together with some other ladies at a bobbin lace guild meeting in Fort Atkinson.  We meet in a good sized room at the local library, so I knew I'd have some floor space.  I took all my butterfly blocks and laid them out on the floor in rows.  Then I played with the positioning of the blocks, trying to separate like colors, so that I didn't have a glob of one color.  Of course, it helped to have input from the other lace members as well.  There really isn't a "perfect" layout, because it's a scrap quilt, so at some point, I just had to say "done" and go with it. 

As you can see, I must have been having so much fun making the blocks, that I have four extra.  Or when I was counting, the fabric stuck together, and I counted wrong.  Hmmm... the beginning of new project?

Once I was satisfied with the layout, I took a few pictures on my phone, and then pinned a block number on each block (A1, A2, etc.), so I would know what order to put them together (just in case they got dumped - gasp! and all out of order).  I removed all the pins after the blocks were sewn together. 

Here's a couple of pictures of it on a bed. 

The blocks are sewn together, but I haven't decided what to do for the antennae.  I may just do those as part of the quilting.  I may or may not add a narrow border around the outside.  And I have yet to choose some backing material and put the layers together. 

And here's a close up of a small portion. 

I want to hand quilt this, so I'm sure it will be years before it's finished.

The extra blocks may end up like these pillows.  The pillow casing overlaps in the back so the pillow can be slipped in.  The band just slips over the pillow.  You can change the bands for seasonal decorating, and it makes for easy laundering.

Thanks so much for stopping by.