Thursday, March 26, 2009


Some of you have asked how to make the basket that I posted here. I don't have a template, because you can make it any size.

The basic concept for the basket will work for any size.
For the size I made, you need:
1 6"x8" piece of card stock (basket)
1 1"x8" piece of card stock (handle)
Stamp any design on both pieces of card stock. (I used jumbo wheels.)
On the 6"x8" piece, score the length at 2.5" and 6.5".
Score the width at 2" and 4". Cut in from the ends on these score lines up to the crossing score lines. (You will have 2 cuts on each end.)
Fold on all scores. Overlap the 3 flaps on each end to the angle you want and glue.
Attach handle with staples, brads or eyelets.
Decorate as desired.
***Note: Your score lines will look sorta like tic tac toe lines.
If you click on the picture on my blog, it will get bigger so you can see more details. (Ignore the extra score line - that was an oops.) But the larger pic will help you see about how much the ends overlap.
I hope my instructions are clear. It really is very easy.

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