Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the first step

Hello my friends.  Today I tried something new and different... for me, at least. Recently, I've been drawn to art journals.  I'm not sure there is a simple definition for an art journal, but it seems to be a form of self expression and connecting with your inner self through the process of making a journal which is more than just words, but includes pictures, which can be drawn, painted, cut from another source and pasted in, stamped, etc., or a combination of those and more, as well as using other mixed media.  So, anyway, I decided to try my hand at making an art journal.  I have never kept a diary or journal, so I don't know how successful I'll be at actually completing a full journal, but at least I'm giving it a try and taking the first step.

To begin, I bought a large pad of watercolor paper and cut it into some smaller sizes to make a book or two.  I was going to bind them with my bind it all, but when I pulled out the box the other day, it was empty, so I'm not sure where the machine is hiding.  I may end up taking it over to Office Depot and having a coil binding put on.  But before I do that, I need to cut some chipboard for the covers. 

To start my first page, I pulled out some new stencils from Crafter's Workshop and decided to play.  (As a side note, I'm taking a free on-line course from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer called Stencil 101.)  Using a 6" Bricks stencil, I sponged distress inks in victorian velvet, dusty concord, and bundled sage.  Then with a 12" Butterfly Meadow, I used Adirondack color wash sprays in lettuce and wild plum.  This is the first time I've used that and got a little heavy handed, so the ink bled under the stencil, but not too badly.  After removing the stencil, I used a fine black marker to add just a hint of shadow along one side of the stems, leaves and flowers.  I guess that would have been easier if I had left the stencil in place.  I then sprayed some butterscotch color wash over the background, because I thought there was too much bright white space. 

The words are computer generated, sprayed with butterscotch and then cut apart.  I sponged the edges with tea dye distress ink and two sides with black soot.

I wanted to add some butterflies, so I went searching in my stash to see if I had any already stamped and found two that were perfect from Wonderful Wings (SU) already colored and cut out. 

I had fun making this and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Maybe next time, I'll be brave enough to actually draw something.  Since, I'm a very private person, I'm unlikely to share anything really personal on my pages.  But I think this is a really great way to experiment with different techniques and products, because it doesn't matter if you make mistakes. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  Be blessed.


michele hileman said...

That is absolutely Beautiful.
I am your follower now. Great work

Kathy Eddy said...

You did a fabulous job on it. I have yet to be brave enough to give it a try. I haven't used my stencils yet either!

ksval1956 said...

Really wonderful job! You are one talented lady, that's for sure!

Judy Cantrell said...

This page is so pretty!

Starla said...

LOVE this! Instead of a traditional journal, you could always make this a journal of techniques....each page trying something new

Linda said...

What a neat idea, and your page turned out so beautifully! An Art Journal could also be interspersed with Bible quotes for an inspirational touch.

Marjie Kemper said...

Looks great! I've got the stenciling/journaling bug, too. I love how you did the brick wall.

Wanda H said...

Love this!!! It's a beautiful page and would also make a beautiful card!!!!

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Melody, thankyou so much for the lovely birthday wish over at 'Splitcoast Stampers'. I have just purchased a stencil of the brick wall, so am delighted to see how yours has worked out...just love it!
Kind Regards

Purple said...

That is truly gorgeous. I guess we both love butterflies :D So bright and cheery. Ty for the links to free classes too!