Monday, March 26, 2012

creative chemistry 101 -day 6

Good morning, my friends.  Here I am with another day's homework from the Creative Chemistry 101 on-line course by Tim Holtz.  Today's class was all about distress markers

DISCLAIMER!!  Before you go any further, please note:  I do NOT own any distress markers, but since Tim always says "use what you have", that's what I did.  I used some SU markers.  After watching Tim's video and then using my markers, I can say there is a huge difference in the results.

Although I would love to own a set of the new distress markers, that is just not a priority right now for me, so I went ahead and used what I already own, just to see if I could get anything close to the same results.  Only a couple of the techniques came anywhere near. 

Here's is the first - watercolor with markers.  The technique on the middle butterfly really didn't work well at all - when I touched the wet paper with a marker, I wasn't getting any color at all.  Since the 3rd technique was similar, I simply left that butterfly blank.

The second tag - blending with markers, was partially successful, but my markers did not blend as well as the distress markers.

The third tag - stamping with markers.  I probably should have used an image that was more solid and I ended up filling in the open space with the markers - pretty messy.  When I sponged distress ink over the images, I used a pretty light hand, but still saw some smearing , especially on the blue butterfly. 

I thank you for stopping by and hope my experimentation was helpful to you.  Have a  creative week.


Contagiously Crafty said...

I love that you took Tim's advice. I think he really means it and look at the beautiful results. I think they are all great in their own special way!

purplecinn said...

It's always nice to try and see if you can do something another way. I have the distress markers but I plan to try this with my Faber Castells as well since they are water based and blendable while wet. Yup still a day behind :( I have the flu so not a happy bunny! The tags look great! Very pretty!!!

Barbara said...

Actually these look quite good, Melody!

Denise said...

Hello from class - I think you made a lovely job of them :-)

Jani Lewis said...

These look great. I figured I would catch up on today's "homework" when my markers finally arrive. LOL