Friday, February 7, 2014

it's finished!

Hi friends.  Remember that quilt I talked about in my last post?  Well, I've been working on it a little bit every day.  Today, I finished it.  What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! 
This is called a scrap quilt, because each block uses different fabrics.  The flowers and background fabrics are all different.  I think I may have repeated a couple of the greens, because I didn't have enough different ones.  The continuity of the quilt is the same pattern for each block.  I love all the variety of fabrics and colors. 

When I started working on this last week, I already had the flowers quilted.  I just needed to quilt the edges of each square and bind the quilt. 

First, I quilted around the edges of all the internal blocks.  Then I sewed the binding to the front edge of the quilt and trimmed any excess fabric and batting.  Then I quilted around all the edge blocks.  You can see some of the quilting detail in this next photo, especially on the purple flower. 

Then it was time to stitch the binding onto the quilt back and add a label.  I print my label from my computer and then trace it onto muslin with the help of a light box.  I use a pigma pen and heat set it with an iron.  When I attached this label, I placed it under the binding, so it was a little bit less work stitching it on. 

This last picture is one of my favorite blocks from this quilt. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. 


Robyn said...

This quilt is just stunning! Love it!

Karen Conner said...

You did a FABULOUS job! I love it. My favorite block is the light colored one with the blue flower. I love the color combo's.

Starla said...

WOW!! This turned out wonderful! I'll have to send my cousin your link!

Jan Leslie said...

Melody this is stunning! Absolutely stunning --- I am so overwhelmed by the wonderful work you do!! Gorgeous!!

Carole said...

Wow! This is beautiful - especially up close. You have such fine stitching. I love that you can put all those oddball (unique) colors and patterns together and make it look so gorgeous.

Jean Staples said...

GORGEOUS!!! This is amazing! I can remember even as a child how I use to marvel at my Gram making quilts. I still have 2 of her quilts that I've been using for 39 yrs. I'm so happy to see their are still talented people like yourself creating these works of art. TFS, Jean ~

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

This is a work of art. Love it. Xx