Saturday, January 17, 2015

awl snug

Hi friends.  I'm sorry that I've been so neglectful of my blog lately -- no special reason. 

Recently a friend told me that one of the local art supply stores was going out of business, so I thought I should go take a look at what they had.  The one thing I was really hoping to get was a heavy duty awl for bookmaking.  I was happy to find one. 

After taking a look at this thing, both my husband and daughter said that it looked like a weapon.  In truth, I would not want it to accidentally roll off the table and injure someone, although the weight of the handle would probably cause it to fall with the point up.  Anyway, in light of possible injury, I decided to make a box in which to keep it. 

I pulled out some cereal box chipboard and went to work.  I made the box with plenty of room inside, thinking I might want to put some kind of cushion in it.  I covered it with some pretty paper with butterfly stamps all over it. 

At first I made a small platform to fit in the bottom of the box and die cut an oval, so the tool handle would sit in the opening.  I made the opening too large, so I made another piece with a smaller opening and just glued it underneath the first one.  That worked well, but there was still too much space in the box.  One alternative would be to add some height to the platform.  But then I thought, if I make another platform inside the cover, it would hold the tool more securely.  That worked, but I wasn't quite satisfied. 

I decided that a piece of fun foam on top of the platform would give just a bit of cushion and hold the tool better.  I have quite a few sheets of fun foam, but.... they seem to have disappeared... I know not where!  As I was searching, I came across some packing foam that looked promising.  It has different properties than fun foam and is about twice as thick. 

I cut a piece to fit inside the box and marked where the oval should be.  I didn't think I could cut this with the die, so I used a craft knife.  I glued this on top of the cardboard platform. 

I also made another for inside the cover, but glued that one directly to the cover without the cardboard platform. 

I'm really liking this, but I decided to go one step further.  I cut another layer of the foam and shaped it to fit around the point and part of the handle of the tool, holding it nice and secure within the box.  I left some space where I could get my fingers in to pull the tool out of the box. 

I'm really happy with the end result.  The cover fits just tight enough that it isn't going to fall off, so I know the tool is secure inside the box. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. 

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